OPTI•MIST Topical Gel is a water-based broad-spectrum antimicrobial for first-aid relief and general wound management. It helps support the body's natural resistance factors that constitute an organism's first line of protection against the penetration and reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms.* To get the same support in an oil-based medium, please check out our Organic Balm.





OPTI•MIST Topical Gel helps relieve most topical injuries quickly and effectively - imparting a cooling, soothing effect particularly on burns and abrasions. Bio-active nano-Ag is not only antimicrobial but it also acts as a cytokine & leukocyte modulator to minimize scarring, as revealed in this scientific study on burn management.





Our Topical Gel is the ideal flight-ready water-based solution for nail fungus. When used as recommended, it helps a healthy nail grow out un-mollested by yeasty fungus.

WATER GEL - 2 oz.


    For best results, apply generouly to burned skin and allow to dry.  Repeat this proceedure immediately before the first application dries. Continue applying OPTI•MIST Gel as many times as needed to extinguish the fire. If scabbbing occurs, switch to OPTI•MIST Balm for continued support in an organic moistuizing balm.



    Clean the affected area. Apply a liberal, consistent layer of OPTI•MIST Gel over the wound. Allow Gel to dry before bandaging if needed. Repeat this process 2 or more times daily to guard against infection and to minimize scarring when the wound is fresh. Transition to an oil-based medium for coninued support using OPTI•MIST Balm.



    For best results, apply OPTI•MIST Gel 2 times daily, once after bathing, and once again 12 hours later. Apply a small drop of OPTI•MIST Gel directly on the affected nails - a little goes a long way. Rub the gel into the nail, the sides, and under the nail (if possible), ensuring complete coverage of the affected area, and allow it to air dry.

    Continue daily use until the nail is fungus-free. Before/After results have revealed that even just once a day after bathing can bring satifaction - patience and diligence are key as the nail grows out. 

    ​Consider switching to OPTI•MIST Balm when nail fungus is accompanied by dry and cracked skin.


    NOTICE : Gel may sting momentarily when applied to open or abraded skin. 


    Please consult a physician if the desired results are not achieved.


    INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Maltodextrin, Sodium Carbonate, HEC, Ag 0.0005%.


Documented the safest and most effective form of silver known to science - where use is rapidly expanding in the medical & dental industries due to its remarkable antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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