We are a family-built & operated apothecary with a growing word-of-mouth-following as the new breakthrough Natural First-Aid Alternative for most common health complaints.


Since 1999 we've been blending and refining our own non-medicated first-aid formulations and using them with great results on everyday health problems while our kids were growing up.

20 years later we decided to make our tried-and-true formulations available to everyone else seeking all-natural relief from the various booboos that accompany childhood ...AND adulthood.

OPTI•MIST is all about cultivating relief as a consistently effective All-Natural First-Aid alternative without any down-side, odor, taste or toxicity on acute and chronic symptoms. All formulas are prepared at our private lab to ensure we are delivering consistent purity, quality & stability in our products - because we're using them too. Nothing is outsourced. OPTI•MIST is prepared, by us, in the USA.🇺🇸


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